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Our Rooms

Kate Stanton Inn is a home first

It has welcomed, hosted and entertained our friends and family in grand style over the years. It has been the life dream of the Innkeeper to open a Bed & Breakfast Inn to host a myriad of new friends yet to be met. As a result, the warm, inviting sense of culture forms a magical energy and welcoming spirit. A special care has been taken to make every room just right, with a keen eye to detail.

Three beach-elegant rooms have been created in accordance with the simplicity and function of a true country beach house, and feature the finest in modern amenities for our guests. At Kate Stanton we strive to indulge you. Behind the New England Style decor of each suite you will enjoy luxurious towels and robes, custom bath products and 600 thread count sheets. Each suite has tiled flooring with plush rugs. Our two spacious ensuite rooms have a fireplace and a walk out patio or balcony with ocean views.

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