The Kate Stanton Inn is a tribute to the memory of my grandmother.

Kate Stanton was born to an Irish immigrant family in 1880, the middle child of seven. She was a woman before her time – who eloped to New York City with her beloved Thomas Murphy and had the marriage blessed by the Church after the fact; who bore three children, two of them physically handicapped, and held a job outside of the home in the early 1900s; who managed her husband’s small business with only common sense and no formal education beyond grammar school; who had a passion for dance and travel, but devoted her life to keeping home and hearth; who fed the hungry and the homeless, nursed the sick, and nurtured generations of grandchildren and great grandchildren; who sported white gloves and an elegant hat whenever she strolled downtown (but felt insulted when once likened to Eleanor Roosevelt in a store in NYC); and who smelled of White Shoulders perfume when she rocked her grandchild and read Henny-Penny for the hundredth time before tucking her into a clean bed, with assurance of a nourishing breakfast in the morning.

The Kate Stanton Inn honors and promises to carry forth her values.